To all members of the furry community,

Since 2004, Morphicon has served the fandom as a small convention in Columbus, OH. We were founded with the small con atmosphere in mind, which has as an advantage the creation of a tightly knit community. We are grateful for every attendee, every staffer, and every gopher, no matter how many times they chose to visit us. However, we feel that now is the time for a change. Going forward, Morphicon will be operated under a new name, AnthrOhio.

Why the change? This was not an overnight decision and it took a great deal of time and debate to arrive at this decision. There are a few reasons which we took under consideration when we chose this name, none of which were insignificant. As far as publicity goes, the name Morphicon is no longer distinct. A convention for a different fandom called "Power Morphicon" has been running off and on for some years, and we would rather not have a convention so similarly named that might create any confusion for our current or prospective attendees.

Another reason for our change is to correspond to a number of changes that have occurred over the years. Our current focus is a family friendly atmosphere, with a wide range of programming which includes topics in fursuit construction and performance, video and board gaming, and artistic expression. A number of events have been added to our repertoire since those initial days, including but not limited to a QR code hunt, video gaming tournaments, and theme related art projects. Going forward, AnthrOhio will also seek to support a number of different charities, with the goal in mind to benefit many of the great organizations in Ohio which work for or with animals.

Our focus is not the only change that has occurred in the last 12 years. The current staff as it stands today is a result of years of progression. As gophers volunteer, some become staff. As years go on, some staff leave us or step down to more important roles. As a result of 12 years of this progression, the staff one sees today at AnthrOhio no longer represents the staff that originally planned and put on the first Morphicon event. The AnthrOhio staff is currently the same staff that put on the Morphicon 2015 event, although this progression is never ending and there may be new staff between this time and the first event under our new name.

One such change is the announcement of a new convention chairman. Edward Hyena will be the chairman for the first event run under the AnthrOhio name. Edward has been an active member of the furry community since 1994, has been attending conventions since 2000, and has been volunteering at furry fandom conventions since 2007. While he is a Detroit native, Edward has worked for Morphicon in various capacities since 2010 and has lived in the Columbus area since 2011. The rest of the staff remains largely the same as those who have graciously volunteered their time to put on the Morphicon 2015 event.

We look forward to putting on a welcoming atmosphere for furry fans of all variety in the coming years. While we may be changing our name, the same staff that helped last weekend with Morphicon 2015 are here with us at AnthrOhio and are dedicated to putting on the best event that we possibly can. We hope that those of you who have supported us in the past, as well as many new faces (and fursuit heads) will join us at our next event, AnthrOhio 2016, and help us welcome in our own little Furry Renaissance. Keep an eye on our website ( or our Twitter (@AnthrOhio) for more updates and details as they are released. Feel free to ask on Twitter or email on any questions.

The AnthrOhio Board of Directors
Edward Hyena, Akea Grommet, Snap, Jaru

P.S. One question I want to address before it is even asked. Your standing with registration will not change as a result of this name change. If you were a gopher or any contest winner at the con and earned a free registration, that will apply to a free registration at AnthrOhio 2016.