Perler Pervasive

This weekend, imagine yourself as a videogame character in the '80s. Life is simple... eat dots, shoot space invaders or asteroids, dodge barrels, save the day. But when routine breaks, and a greater evil trumps your usual villains, what do you do? Your resources are limited to just a few pixels, the two or three poses you were programmed with... you weren't designed to fight this! Even with the help of other characters like yourself - it is not enough to defeat this terrible beast. Your only hope is to seal it behind a wall of darkness, where it can do no harm!

But times have changed now. No more are the backdrops solid, simple... safe. As the world opens up to you and your fellows in technicolor glory, so too it opens to that ancient evil... And it's starting to escape. You don't have much time before an inevitable confrontation.

Can you find a new way to seal the beast back into oblivion? Do you have what it takes to triumph over it, once and for all?

Use this time to amass your army, build character sprites - use our templates for your ideas, or invent your own. Gather coupons around the con, from every area you can (panels, dealers, qrfur, and more!). Use the coupons to claim your perler beads and take your collection to the game room to solidify your sprite. The larger the army, the better your chances. Work together to survive...

Welcome to the Perler Pervasive