Selling at Morphicon

What's the difference between the Artist Alley (AA) and the Dealers Den (DD)? How do I know which one is right for me?

What am I allowed to sell?

AA: You can sell anything that you made. Because the definition of art is very flexible, we will place the restriction that you must be able to create this product on-site.
DD: You can sell pretty much anything within reason. This includes things that you made, things that other people made and gave you permission to sell, merchandise that is made in bulk, clothing, collector's items, publications, jewelry, costume pieces, and even take-home commissions which would never be able to be made on-site.

How do I get in?

AA: Sign up at the convention, at the Con-Ops table in the registration room. You will find out whether or not you have a seat for the day about a half hour before the AA opens.
DD: Go to the Dealer's Den Application Form and fill out an application. If approved, you will have advanced notice before the convention that you have a table. You will even receive a table assignment, which you can advertise to any potential customers.

How long can I sell?

AA: You can remain in your seat for the duration of the AA hours of one day. At the end of each day, you must vacate your seat and must sign up for the next day if you wish to sell in the AA again. If at any point in time during the day you vacate your seat, it will be filled with any artists who still want to sell in the AA for the rest of the day. Note that getting up to use the bathroom does not count as vacating, but attending a panel DOES. When you vacate, you must take your stuff with you, check out at Con-Ops, and leave the spot the way you found it so that someone else can use it.
DD: You can remain in your seat during any point in time that the DD is available to dealers. This includes setup, tear-down, a prep hour before each business day, and a decompression hour after each business day. You can vacate your seat at any point in time and return to it at any point in time. Your stuff can stay there until the end of the convention.

Who can be at my spot?

AA: Just you. If someone else needs a place to sit, please direct them to the zoo.
DD: Anyone that you approve, within the quantity limits agreed upon prior to the convention. This can include yourself, your co-workers, your friends, and even the customer that you are currently working with. Only those with a “Dealer” badge may enter the Dealer’s Den during the set-up/tear-down/prep/decompress periods.

How much does it cost?

AA: Nothing. You do have to be registered with the convention in order to sign up.
DD: Each half table (4'x30") is $25 in addition to the cost of your registration. See Dealer application for more details.

How do taxes work?

AA: You keep track of your sales on a sheet during the course of each business day. When you vacate your seat, you are required to check out and turn in this sheet to Registration. They will charge your taxes for you right there, and send those to the state for you.
DD: You must have an Ohio State tax license in order to apply. You keep track of your sales on your own throughout the course of the weekend and send in your taxes to the state on your own. If there is an inquiry on the convention's taxes, we will provide your license number as part of that process.

What can I use for setup?

AA: You will be supplied with half of a table (3'x18") and a white table cloth. Anything else for your display must be brought in with you when you select your seat. Displays may not stand taller than your head. Any additional materials you bring must fit under the table with you. Be sure not to cross into the other half of the table without your neighbor's consent!
DD: You have no limitations on what you can bring or how you can set up your display. Just don't have anything obnoxious, like loud music or brightly-flashing lights. You will have ample time to set up and tear down before and after the convention.

Can I have food/drink? (Note that alcohol will be held to the same rules as the rest of the convention policy)

AA: Because it takes more than a few minutes to eat, you are permitted to take a meal from the Hospitality room to eat behind your table. Outside food is not allowed, to cut down on mess and trash and potential damage caused to the tablecloths.
DD: It's your table, you can have whatever you want back there. We will do our best to provide each table with a small waste basket, but it will be up to you to empty those out throughout the course of the convention. We can even bring you food from the Hospitality room if you ask our gophers very nicely.

How will people know I'm here? (As a rule, all patrons of the AA and DD must have an attendance badge. They will be checked at the doors.)

AA: Text them, tweet them, wave frantically at them if you see them pass by in the hallway! Say "Hey I'm in the artist alley come and buy my art!" But don't be loud, please, people are trying to work and talk business here.
DD: You will have your table assignment well in advance, allowing you to tell your customers precisely where you are located so you won't get lost amongst all the other dealers. You will be listed in the con book and on the website before the convention starts. You will also have the opportunity to place a small advertisement or coupon in the con book.

What if I have work that is only suitable for a mature audience?

Make sure that any mature work is clearly marked and separated from your non-mature work so that it cannot be stumbled upon unwittingly. Do not allow anyone with a Minor badge to view your mature work. Just in case, use stickers or other means to cover up the especially mature parts of each work in order to leave those to the imagination. You can always send your customers to your personal website on their own time.