The Dealer Room will be in Griswold A. Find out who will be there and which booth they'll be in here!


Furry Artist since 1997, general artist since conception. Just a cat who draws a lot.

Kayleen "Katarina" Connell

Kayleen "Katarina" Connell is a traditional artist who currently lives in Virginia. She will be offering con badges, sketchbook commissions and limited take-home commissions. She will also have merchandise including prints, magnets, stickers and bookmarks. Look for the wench in the Renn Faire gear.

Ringtail Cafe Productions

Selling furry themed comic books, art commissions, buttons, plushes, prints.


Selling commissions as well as buttons, stickers, sketchbooks, and charms!

Tigerus of the Lost World

Come hither to L. L. Keenan’s merchant table in the Dealers den. Her wares include cloth sashes to enhance your costume along with renaissance style mineral and pewter jewelry for that special someone. Newly internationally offered self-published book from my create space sold at “Tigerus of The Lost World”. Stop by and view/purchase the graphic art designs of Terry Keenan the graphic artist of the book. Remember purchasing your book at the con, I will sign your book for free.

Pipey Friends and More

The perfect place to find the perfect gift which will be unique, memorable, and custom-tailored to that special someone. Pipeys are cute little minimalistic figurines made of wire and/or pipe cleaner. They can be your fursona, a specific animal, a pokemon, or just about anything. Here you can also find hand-made custom gallery glass window clings- These clings are durable, reusable, and will stick to any smooth, flat surface. They are perfect for use as a bumper sticker, a mobile decal, or imitation stained glass on a scenic window. There are other odds and ends you might be lucky enough to find at Pipey Friends and More, such as original series pokemon cards and beanie babies, hand-knitted accessories, display cases, and the artist herself- Jesse "floppybelly" Neubauer. Drop by for a commission; she can make your most creative dreams come true.

Fusion Maille

This will be the first year for Fusion Maille at Morphicon, and a big one at that! Fusion Maille will not only have the high quality chainmaille that some have come to love, but will also be debuting our leather dog masks!

Misc Etc

See booth for details.

M & T Comics and Cards

See booth for details.

She-Jackal Arts

See booth for details.

Fur and Feathers Fursuits

See booth for details.

OMG Pineapples

See booth for details.