Guests of Honor

Morphicon is pleased to have Skulldog and Koh as guests of honor this year!

Keryn 'Kei' Everett / Skulldog

Currently hails from the icy snow fields of new England. Currently working in game concept art and design, while doing personal comic projects and illustration on the side. Hobbies include fancy beer, odd cartoons, and dead things.


Chronologically raised by wolves, bears, and a sentient blender bent on world destruction, Koh has been a presence in the anthro subculture for just over two insane decades. He is an avid musician , voice actor, and programmer with a passion for games and artwork. With a predilection for working anonymously, you may have come across his works without knowing it. Rumor has it that if you've ever looked up to find your sushi missing he was somehow involved...