Morphicon is proud to support Happy Hearts Feline Rescue this year


Happy Hearts Feline Rescue is a 501(c)(3) organization dedicated to improving the well being of cats and kittens by offering rescue, shelter, veterinary care and adoption.

What They Do

The Happy Hearts Feline Rescue shelter offers a safe haven for cat owners to surrender their cats if they can no longer care for them. Rescue services are available to individuals who have located a cat that has been abandoned, such as in shopping centers, parks, etc. Care of these cats is provided at our shelters and through a network of foster care homes. We give these cats and kittens a second chance by providing shelter, adoption services and necessary veterinarian care.

You Can Help

The Happy Hearts Feline Rescue shelter is in constant need of loving foster homes for temporary shelter. If you can provide a loving and supportive environment, we need you! We are located in southeastern Michigan.